What does AutoMaster offer?


Convenient software for the automotive industry companies

AutoMaster is a modern and flexible software package that is created for modern car and truck import, sales and after-sales service companies. Its modular structure is based on the Windows and SQL technologies. It allows you to customize AutoMaster for the specific requirements of small and large companies (with many branches, various represented brands and several hundred users).


Modern IT solutions for daily data processing

By defining reliability, high quality and advanced technology as its basic principles, AutoMaster has a main goal to offer competitive solutions that support and enhance the client's business processes. By working closely with customers, industry professionals and auto manufacturers AutoMaster software is constantly being improved. These improvements are based on the guidelines for intuitive, user-friendly software, which is seamlessly placed into the daily processes of the modern automotive industry company.


Compatible with other software

Given the importance of software compatibility, AutoMaster is equipped with interfaces for data exchange with many car manufacturer systems and accounting systems. The open architecture of the software allows you to easily develop in accordance with local needs.


Leader in the development of auto dealer management systems (DMS) since 1983

  1. One of the first DMS based on a computer network in 1983
  2. One of the first DMS based on Windows in 1994
  3. Installations in more than 35 countries and global partner networks
  4. Acquired by the US software giant, CDK Global (ADP), at the end of 2008


  • Main database: service, spare parts, auto sales, CRM
  • Importer’s level solutions
  • Internet environment modules (eStock)
  • DMS additions, for example, barcodes, SMS messaging, time reservation, call centre, mobile warehouse accounting tools, centralized database
  • Open interface with financial accounting system at the customer’s choice
  • Open structure for compatibility with third party software


Flexibility of applications

  • Working with multiple brands in one system
  • Support of multiple languages both in the users’ environment and customers’ documents
  • Multiple branches, multiple warehouses
  • Multiple currencies
  • Parameter management
  • Suitable for one to hundreds of users
  • Multiple levels of security
  • Easily expandable, both vertically and horizontally

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