About us

In brief

Who are we?

Amit Baltic SIA is a distributor of the AutoMaster resource management system, the only official CDK Global representative in Latvia, Lithuania and Ukraine (daughter company). We are a reliable partner in collaboration with software end users, specialized in the adaptation of products to the local business requirements as well provision of primary support services.


What are our core objectives?

Our goal is to provide the highest level of services when delivering software, which helps the automotive industry companies to effectively manage resources and data processing. We are delighted by customer satisfaction with arranged processes, saved time and money.


Currently available services

  • Implementation and maintenance of the AutoMaster resource management system.
  • Consultancy in IT infrastructure creation and maintenance.


“AutoMaster software is the ideal tool for the automotive industry companies. We are glad that it can help you not only improve the daily processes, but most importantly – measure and continuously improve work productivity, gaining more profits and receiving development freedom.”

Aigars Jermolajevs, Amit Baltic SIA Chairman of the Board


Are you interested in collaboration? We will be glad to hear from you!