eStock module

eStock – online store for the automotive industry company



The system allows your customers to easily and quickly find the goods in the AutoMaster branch and order them through a web browser. You can limit the amount of information available according to the nature of the business, thus providing different access levels to the system. The system also makes it easy to add and correct the list of goods.



Your customers may place orders using the shopping baskets. This means that the orders placed in the eStock module do not become the AutoMaster orders at once, but firstly, the shopping baskets are filled like in any online store.



Your customers can edit the content of the shopping basket a number of times until they are ready to order the selected goods. The order to the AutoMaster system will be sent only after confirmation. At this stage, an inventory order from the shopping basket is created, which is further processed as a normal AutoMaster order.


All data in one place

The eStock module and AutoMaster system use a common database and management settings. Users and the module administration environment is a web browser.


eStock is a useful assistant, bringing your business to the Internet. Please contact us